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Marketing is all too often a passive focus, so here at RR Living, our dedicated Acceleration Department is leaser-focused on lead generation, ensuring every community is strategically targeting their renting clientele with customized digital & social campaigns, resident experiences that redefine the industry, and a dedication to providing the best homes for our residents.


RR Living's Operations Team is comprised of top-notch dedicated and experienced professionals who understand the financial implications of day-to-day decisions, as well as how best to produce returns and manage operational efficiencies.


At RR Living, we recognize that our Service Team is the backbone of our organization. Residents choose to renew when attention to detail within their home & communities is paramount. As such, our Service Team is more than simply maintenance, it is a professionally dedicated department who manages all facets of our assets, ensuring preventative maintenance initiatives and immediate service request solutions are addressed with extreme dedication & expertise.

Support Services - HR and Accounting

At RR Living, we understand that our Support Services Team forms the bedrock of our operations. Our clients continue to entrust us with their needs when meticulous attention to detail in HR and Accounting is non-negotiable. Our Support Services go beyond mere administrative tasks; they represent a team of dedicated professionals adept at managing all aspects of our organizational infrastructure, guaranteeing proactive HR initiatives and swift resolutions to accounting matters with unparalleled commitment and proficiency.

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